Have a child or teen looking to participate in a school sport? If so, we invite you to bring them to Schumacher Orthopedics for a sports physical to assess their health and risk of injury before they hit the field. For your child’s sports physical, our orthopedic surgeon and team will:


  • Review their medical history
  • Check their height, weight, vision, blood pressure, heart rate and lungs
  • Examine their neck and spine for signs of scoliosis
  • Inspect the mobility and strength of their joints, bones and muscles


This is also a time for you and your child to ask any questions about their health and items they should be cautious of when playing sports.


When Should I Schedule My Child’s Sports Physical?

You should plan to schedule your child’s sports physical at least six weeks before the sports season starts. The sooner they complete this, the sooner they will be cleared to play.


What Do I Need To Do To Prepare for My Child’s Sports Physical?

Before your child meets with Dr. Gregory Schumacher, we will require you to fill out a form asking about their medical history, any current chronic conditions, and family history. Be sure to bring proper identification, your medical insurance card, a list of your child’s allergies and medications, and a sports physical form for the state of Alaska.


Why Choose Schumacher Orthopedics?

At Schumacher Orthopedics, we perform school sports physical not only to give your child the clearance to play the sports they love but also to address prevention before an injury arises.


Give us a call today at 907-206-5086 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gregory Schumacher and learn more about sports physicals in Anchorage, Alaska.